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You may already be familiar with some products that are part of BioGuard's safe and environmentally friendly family of products.

BioGuard's technology is based on many years of research, development and commercialization by Drs. Peter Van Voris and Dominic A. Cataldo of several long-term, sustained release products, including

  • root growth control system known as Typar® Biobarrier™ I and professional landscape fabric for long-term weed control, Biobarrier® II, manufactured by Reemay,
  • sewer line root intrusion protection called Root Shield™, and
  • root growth inhibiting subsurface drip irrigation system called Root Guard®, manufactured and distributed by Geoflow™.

BioGuard provides uniform and continuous or periodic delivery of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides and other biological control agents to targeted environments over an extended period (six months to decades). BioGuard products focus on the long-term, sustained-release capability, differentiating our technology from other delivery technologies that are used for short-term delivery of agricultural pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

Our delivery systems use up to 100 times less pesticide than standard, repeated and unprotected applications over the same time period. Also, the polymer-encapsulated pesticide is less toxic.


Pesticide concentration comparison of
repeated, unprotected applications vs. sustained release

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